Talmadge Green Barrel Saddles

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Tack Item: Talmadge Green Barrel Saddles Price:$1,700
Contact: Brittany Location: Sandy Hook, MS
 Phone:  785-207-5031  Email: talmadgegreen@aol.com
   14 inch Talmadge Green Barrel Saddle. Basket weave tooling. Black/Gold $ Conchos. THIS SADDLE IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AND FOR SALE. The rest are examples for anyone interested in ordering a different size/style. Many options available. Reasonable PRICES! MORE PHOTOS ON "TEAM TALMADGE" FACEBOOK PAGE AS WELL AS WWW.TALMADGEGREEN.COM This saddle is designed for not only the horse, but and the rider. ***TREE- is wider in the front to allow more freedom in the shoulders. The length of the bars in the tree are longer to distribute the weight the of rider better. ***STIRRUPS/FENDERS- Forward hung stirrups to allow the rider to keep their feet out in front where they need to be. ***"Many barrel racers have a problem getting their feet behind them, rocking their upper body forward. I designed my saddle to help the rider maintain a more correct body position." TALMADGE GREEN*** WEIGHT- 24 lbs FULL QUARTER HORSE BARS CANTLE- 4" GULLET- 6 3/4" Email talmadgegreen@aol.com for more information about the saddles/ordering.