Debra Sibley Ultra-Flex Saddle

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Tack Item: Debra Sibley Ultra-Flex Saddle Price:$1,200
Contact: Barbara Location: Grants Pass, OR
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    One of a kind 16" Seat 5" Cantle A Debra Sibley Ultra-Flex Saddle! Paid $2200.00 Last Year In our quest to produce the ultimate saddle for the horse and rider, we have designed and tested just about everything on the market. With over 80 years of saddle tree manufacturing and horse fitting experience, we have developed a saddle that accommodates every movement in the horses anatomy. The tree is extremely flexible and 90% of the tree's bearing surface molds to the horses back. Due to this, our standard tree fits 90% of the horses out there and because of the way the tree is designed, minor alterations can be made to the tree, inside a finished saddle, in order to better fit the horse, should the issue arise. With information from you and your horses anatomy, we can make the necessary adjustments to provide you and your horse the ultimate fit. And just like all of our saddle trees the come with an 8 year pro-rated warranty. We have also incorporated our patented continuous rigging system, as well as, our unrivaled dual stirrup leather adjustment set up. This saddle features a soft flexible ground seat and weight bearing tree bars that flex from end to end. This saddle also features the Debra Sibley dual adjusting fender rig, that allows you to set your fenders as far forward as you like, providing a more balanced ride and helps prevent the fenders from getting behind you. I have used this saddle very little it has a few normal wear spots on it but very very nice.. I love this saddle.. Weight #28 Lbs without tapederos add 4 lbs with tapederos.